Hydrafacial® Treatments

Elevate your skincare routine with HydraFacial® treatments and experience the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. Unveil your skin’s natural radiance as our experts cleanse, hydrate, and nourish your complexion with this non-invasive, multi-step procedure. Say goodbye to clogged pores, fine lines, and dull skin, and hello to a refreshed and revitalized look. HydraFacial® is your path to smoother, healthier, and more youthful skin, all in one relaxing session

Hydrafacial® treatment

What is a Hydrafacial® Treatment??

A HydraFacial® treatment is a non-invasive and multi-step skincare procedure designed to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. It uses a specialized machine to cleanse, exfoliate, extract impurities, and deliver hydrating serums to the skin in a soothing and invigorating process. This treatment is known for its ability to address various skincare concerns, including clogged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and a lackluster complexion. HydraFacial® aims to leave your skin smoother, more hydrated, and with a revitalized appearance. It’s a popular choice for those seeking a quick, effective, and pampering skincare solution.

Hydrafacial® treatment

Benefits of Hydrafacial®

Effective Exfoliation and Cleansing

HydraFacial® provides deep exfoliation and cleansing, removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores, resulting in a clearer and more radiant complexion.

Hydration and Nourishment

The treatment infuses the skin with hydrating serums, delivering essential nutrients and moisture to keep the skin well-hydrated and healthy.

Versatile Skin Solutions

HydraFacial® can be customized to address a variety of skin concerns, including acne, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone, making it a versatile option for many individuals.

Natural-Looking Results

Profhilo® is a non-invasive treatment, making it a less risky and more convenient alternative to surgical procedures for skin rejuvenation.

Minimal Discomfort

The procedure is relatively painless, with most patients experiencing minimal discomfort, thanks to the use of ultrafine needles and the presence of lidocaine within the solution.


The HydraFacial Process

The HydraFacial® process represents an exclusive and holistic skincare journey, meticulously crafted to reinvigorate your skin. It all commences with:

Step 1,
An individualized lymphatic drainage technique that enhances circulation while expertly purging skin toxins, setting the stage for a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

Step 2
Moving seamlessly to Step 2, we gently exfoliate your skin, effectively removing deceased skin cells and impurities, resulting in a renewed and distinctly yours complexion.

Step 3
Step 3 unveils a gentle yet potent glycolic and salicylic solution that delicately illuminates your skin by liberating impurities from your pores, uncovering a radiant glow that is unquestionably unique.

Step 4
Shifting to Step 4, the focus turns to extraction, where our adept use of honey extract and salicylic acid targets blackheads and congestion, leaving your skin feeling lighter and silkier.

Step 5
Step 5 takes the spotlight, prioritizing hydration. Here, a harmonious blend of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides collaborates to rejuvenate, plump, and saturate your skin with moisture, restoring a youthful vibrancy that’s authentically your own.

Step 6
As the grand finale, Step 6 introduces LED light therapy, promoting collagen production and minimizing redness, resulting in a radiant and unmistakably rejuvenated complexion

Hydrafacial® treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrafacial® is a non-invasive skincare procedure that employs a patented device to cleanse, exfoliate, extract impurities, and hydrate the skin in a multi-step process, promoting a more radiant and rejuvenated complexion.
Yes, HydraFacial® is generally suitable for individuals of all skin types and age groups. Its adaptability and customization make it a versatile option for a wide range of people.
A typical HydraFacial® session lasts around 30-45 minutes, and there is no downtime. You can return to your regular activities immediately after the treatment.
HydraFacial® effectively targets a variety of skin concerns, including clogged pores, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and skin hydration. Its versatility allows it to be tailored to your unique needs.

For optimal outcomes, an initial F-series of six treatments is usually recommended. After the first session, you can anticipate improved skin hydration, a more even skin tone, and a revitalized appearance. Subsequent sessions further enhance and maintain these results.